Top Five Things To Do in Bangkok

There is so much to do in and around Bangkok it can seem impossible to choose only five things to do. The list here is of the most popular tourist destinations and would usually take about two days to complete but if you have a few more days to spare I’m sure filling them will be easy in Bangkok. I have failed to include in this list places such as Dameon Saduak (the floating market) and the Bangkok Rose Garden as these are just outside the city and require a guided tour to take you there. Also I havn’t included Chatuchak Market (only on at weekends) and walking street markets like Sukhumvit, Patpong and Khao San Road. While still good places to see they should only be considered as extras if you have the time.

Grand Palace

No visit to Thailand is complete until you have seen the Royal Grand Palace sitting on the banks of the Chao Phraya River. It cost 400Bht to enter but you do get a lot of sightseeing for your money. The best way to see it is to get a guide either before you get there, from your hotel concierge,  or at the entrance. Be careful though as many touts will be there eager to take your money and not all guides are the same. The Grand Palace includes the most revered Buddha image in Thailand Phra Kaew Morakot or the Emerald Buddha housed in Wat Phra Kaew on the grounds of the Grand Palace. A word on dress code – you will need to wear trousers or a long skirt and not vest tops. T-shirts are OK and you should take a pair of socks with you if you are wearing sandals. Words of advice – take a light weight long sleeved top that can easily fit in your bag, this can be used as a modesty cover and as a sun block on cloudless days. An umbrella is also handy to shade you from the sun, there isn’t much shade inside the grounds.

Reclining Buddha

Another of the iconic symbols of Thailand the Reclining Buddha is just round the corner from the Grand palace and both together make for a great day out. The entrance fee to the Reclining Buddha is 20Bht but you can spend some more money there getting a true Thai massage from the trainees at Wat Pho (100-300Bht).  There are also guides to help you try an understand why this temple is of great importance to Thai people.


Thai Silk Shopping

It won’t take you long in Thailand to see some Thai silk on sale, in fact you will probably see some before you leave the airport. The silk industry is very important to Thailand and it was an American man named Jim Thompson that made it important in the 1950’s buy reviving the then almost dead industry. If you are after really good Thai silk then visit one of the many Jim Thompson silk shops around Bangkok and avoid all other imitations. Not that these imitations are poor but for the BEST visit the best. A visit to the Jim Thompson house would complete your shopping for Thai silk where you can see the splendour of how the man lived.

Wat Arun

The Temple of the Dawn is on the south bank of the Chao praya River and is certainly worth a visit. Made totally of broken china this temple is one you should be climbing on for a better picture. If you have time after your Grand palace and reclining Buddha sightseeing then a visit to Wat Arun should be next as the Tha Tien Pier is a short walk from both. It will cost 20Bht for the 5 minute boat ride across the Chao Phraya and 30Bht entrance for the temple. If you can time this right try and get back across the river just before sunset to see the temple in its full picturesque glory.

Wat Traimit temple The Golden Buddha

Weighing at over 5 tons this is one large lump of gold. Definitely one not to miss when visiting Thailand but just make sure you include this with another sightseeing trip. Although impressive standing that tall it doesn’t have a lot else to see or do so your visit will be over rather quickly. Situated in Chinatown you could always head down the shops and look at some of the more affordable pieces of gold on offer there. Entrance is 20Bht and you will need to remove your shoes before entering the temple. There are no guides as such here but the people that work there will help you with what to do where to go and especially what to buy on your way out.


There are a lot more things to do in Bangkok but these top Five will make sure you can tell your friends that you seen the most important, most iconic and best things in Bangkok. The entrance prices are included as a guide and may in fact be more expensive. On some occasion however the entrance gate will be unmanned and it may seem like a fee ride. Given the lost cost of many of these places places don’t try and skimp on the entrance or start haggling for a discounted price. These places remain the top five things to do in Bangkok because of the donations people make so instead of cheating them out of 30Bht entrance fee maybe you could consider a small donation while there.