Phitsanulok Thailand Travel

Located on the banks of the River Nan, Phitsanulok, 390km north of Bangkok, makes an ideal base for exploring the surrounding areas of lower north Thailand. One of the oldest cities in Thailand, Phitsanulok, often shortened to Phi-Lok, is an important and historic city in northern Thailand. It has held a strong strategical and political position in Thailand’s history due to its location on the cross-road between the northern and central regions of the country. Phitsanulok is a major transportation hub in Thailand travel for the region with many tourist attractions not having direct connection with either Bangkok or Chiang Mai.

For Thai Buddhists Phi Lok is often a pilgrimage visit as it is home to the second most important Buddha image in Thailand. Only the Emerald Buddha in Wat Phra Kaew is more important. This large statue of Phra Chinnarat Buddha is the most copied image of any Buddha in Thailand and is sold across the country, no dounbt you willl see this during any Thailand travel, and often it will be the image you will buy as a reminder of your time in amazing Thailand.

Getting to Phitsanulok

The main line train between Bangkok and Chiang Mai stop if at Phitsanulok several times a day. There are direct trains from Bangkok also, these that take about 7 hours or 6 if you are on the rapid train. Buses however are more frequent and take only 6 hours from Bangkok and 5.5hrs from Chiang Mai. There is an airport outside the town that you can fly to from either Chiang Mai or Bangkok, it takes about 50mins from either location.

Things to do in Phitsanulok

Although a major stop on bus, train and flight destinations, Phitsanulok itself holds very little interest for the Thailand traveller. The main shrine of Wat Phra Sri Ratana Mahathat, or Wat Yai, houses the large, Sukhothai style, bronze Buddha statue of Phra Chinnarat. If staying in the town while exploring the surrounding areas, you could wander along the banks of the River Nan and shop for northern Thai products at the markets lining the river banks here. You could also have a meal on one of the many floating restaurants Phi Lok has to offer or pick up a snack at the night market along the River Nan.