Nong Khai

The province of Nong Khai is a long and narrow province skirting the south bank of the Mekong for some 300km separating Thailand from Laos. The region has had a long history of contact with French and Laos and this is often reflected in the cuisine and local temples found in the province of Nong Khai. The town of Nong Khai, occupies a strategic position at the end of Highway 2 and the north-eastern Railway just 24km away. This border town, once a backwater town, now acts as a conduit for goods bought and sold by Thais and Loatians although plenty of trade went on quite happily, even if illegally, before it became a bit of a tourist town.

Like most of the towns in the north east Thailand travel to these areas is best when you understand the thing to do in Nong Khai is just to take it easy, enjoy the riverside atmosphere and peaceful settings and good value of guesthouse and hotels in the area. Before lapsing into relaxation coma however you should try joining an evening river trip or even make a day trip out to see the sculpture’s crop formations in the surrounding countryside. Nong Khai makes a pleasant place to spend a few hours sitting in one of the numerous restaurants along the main street of town, sipping a cold beer and watching the river.

Things to do in Nong Khai

Generally speaking the main purpose for visiting Nong Khai is for a trip across the board into Laos. Nong Khai is only one of six crossings open to non-Thai foreigners along the borders and although you will generally have sorted your visas in Bangkok it is possible to still arrange one in Nong Khai.

Getting to Nong Khai

From Bangkok you will mostly likely be coming by train arriving just after dawn at the station some 2 km west of the city centre. Day buses from all points around Isarn reaching connect Nong Khai to all other major towns and buses from a little further afield will arrive at the terminal on the east side of the town.