Lopburi Thailand Travel

Amazing Thailand Travel Guide to Lopburi

Around 155 km north of Bangkok stands Lopburi, are very important town during the 11th and 12th centuries when much of central Thailand was part of the Khmer empire centred in Angkor, making Lopburi a regional capital. When Siam became Thai, with Ayutthaya as the capital, Lopburi soon became the Kingdom of Thailand’s second most important city.

The centre of Lopburi oldtown sits on an egg shaped island between canal’s and the Lopburi River with the train line running across it from north to south. The new town of Lopburi has very little to see you so visits to this area should concentrate on obtaining a Hotel in the old town.

Things to do

Although seemingly a large town Lopburi’s historical sites can be visited on foot in one-day. Situated near the town’s railway station in the centre of Lopburi, Wat Phra Si Mahathat houses an impressive centrepiece of Khmer style laterite prang, or pagoda. A few streets west and you come upon King Narai’s Palace, Wat Narai Ratchaniwet, probably the most visited the Wat in Lopburi. There is an outstanding museum in the central courtyard of this palace that is well worth a visit as well as some beautiful lush green relaxing spots within the grounds. Other things to do while visiting Lopburi could include a visit to the Thai classical music and dance college in the new town to spend a few hours away from it all you could try a small zoo to the north-east of the town.

Getting there

Getting to Lopburi from most of the central region of Thailand relatively easy, from Bangkok buses leave every 20 minutes from the North bus terminal and take and three hours, from Ayutthaya the bus journey is only one half hours. There is an hourly train from Bangkok which takes two after three hours and regular trains from Ayutthaya which take only an hour.