Lamphun Travel

Only 22km south-east of Chiang Mai on route 106, often called the Old Chiang Mai Road, Lamphun is famed for hand-woven silk, two ancient temples, its beautiful women and its production of the sweetest logan fruit (lam yai). This is the smallest province in the north of Amazing Thailand and being situated inland away from the sea, it has the longest drought or dry season usually about 6 months. The climate is typical for this area with 3 seasons dividing the year. The hot seasonof any Thailand travel is usually between March and April, the rainy season from May to October and the cool season from November to February.

Things to do in Lamphun

Over shadowed by the tourists in Chiang Mai, Lamphun is usually visited as a half day tour or as part of a full day tour of their Thailand travels, taking in other sights south of Chinag Mai. Lamphun does however come alive during the Longan festival, which takes place each August. During this time floats are paraded along the streets, drum beating competitions and the local beauty competitions take place.

During your half day Lamphun trips you should try and get to see Wat Phra That Haripunchai and the bell-shaped, 51 m high golden Chedi, an enormous bronze gong (said to be the largest in the world, but this has been disputed) and the beautiful ordination hall, or Bot, although this is often closed. Wat Kukut is a second Wat you should consider visiting if you have time. It’s on the opposite side of town to the previous Wat and should take about 30mins walk. It gives you a chance to view the rest of the town as you wander there.

Getting To Lamphun

Situated so close to Chiang Mai, Lamphun doesn’t have much in the way of accommodation for the Thailand traveller. Travel usually involves a trip along route 106 and back to Chiang Mai.