The province of Surin is 450 km from Bangkok and 200 km from Korat, the gateway to Issan. The Mun River borders to the North and the Dongrek Mountain Chain to the South on the border with Cambodia. The town of Surin is generally a quiet town and is said to represent an intersection of […]


Buriram is a province 410km to the North East of Bangkok, situated at the southern tip of the Khorat plateau. History shows that the province was ruled by the Khmer Empire and this is evident as Buriram has the second largest collection of Khmer ruins in Thailand (Nakon Ratchasima having the largest). Whilst Buriram is […]

Nong Khai

The province of Nong Khai is a long and narrow province skirting the south bank of the Mekong for some 300km separating Thailand from Laos. The region has had a long history of contact with French and Laos and this is often reflected in the cuisine and local temples found in the province of Nong […]