Buriram is a province 410km to the North East of Bangkok, situated at the southern tip of the Khorat plateau. History shows that the province was ruled by the Khmer Empire and this is evident as Buriram has the second largest collection of Khmer ruins in Thailand (Nakon Ratchasima having the largest).

Whilst Buriram is still mainly agricultural, it is known for several of its local products such as silk, cotton, sandstone carving and basketry,

Things to do in Buriram

Buriram’s provincial capital known as the City of Happiness, has two local festivals that would be great to see if you are in the area.
The first weekend of November, when the Mun River is at its highest, Buriram is host to a Boat race. Other provinces join in the annual event and a parade of decorated boats also takes place.

The first weekend of December at the local Stadium in Buriram, an annual kite flying event takes place. The Isaan Kite Festival has been organised and run by the people of Buriram province since 1986. People from nearby provinces join in the competition which states that any kite must be at least 2.5m wide and highly decorated.

Whilst some of the ruins in Buriram are nothing more than a pile of stones, there are a number of more impressive ruins which would be worth a visit. The area would make a good base for visiting the Khmer ruins protected in the Phanom Rung Historical Park, which sits on an extinct volcano in the province.

Getting to Buriram

Regular trains (Buriram is situated on the Northeastern Railway line) and buses leave from Bangkok and Thai airways flights from Suvarnabhumi airport.

Buriram Map

[gmap height=”400″ latitude=”14.99″ longitude=”103.11″ zoom=”13″ marker=”false”]